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iPage dedicated Review

Though expensive, Dedicated Servers offer flexibility to those who are looking to have their websites hosted on a fully independent platform. iPage’s Dedicated Servers start at $119.99 per month and come with 2 Cores, 4GB RAM, 500GB storage and 5TB bandwidth. One of the greatest things about having your own dedicated servers is that there is always room to grow. You can play around with the resources that are included on your server, depending on your needs.

The dedicated servers of iPage hosting are excellent choices and should satisfy most users’ needs. At a price that’s very reasonable, with an industry-leading, anytime money-back guarantee, iPage’s dedicated hosting plans are truly a high-value deal.

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HostGator dedicated Review

The Basic plan has a recurring price of $174/month, the Standard plan is $219/month, the Elite plan is $279/month, and the Pro plan is $374/month. It should be noted that the first month cost is significantly less than the recurring monthly price. You can also receive further discounts for committing to 24 or 36 month plans.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee HostGator performs admirably when it comes to reliability. This level of service is the industry standard and while there are hosts with a higher uptime rate, they also have a higher cost. HostGator has been in the industry for a long time, so you can feel safely assured that they are not a scam and will be around for the long term.

HostGator is a very respectable choice for a dedicated server host.One of the best parts of HostGator customer support is their online support portal. The portal features hundreds of tutorials and helpful articles where you can easily find solutions to whatever you are looking for. They also have a very active forum and online community where their hundreds of thousands of users discuss different issues that pop up.

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Bluehost dedicated Review

BlueHost dedicated server includes 3 level plans, as Standard, Enhanced, and Premium plan, charging for $74.99/mo, $99.99/mo and $124.99/mo, $50% off the first month billing. All plans come with free domain name, dedicated IP addresses, CentOS 6.4 system, KVM virtualization, etc.

BlueHost dedicated server also provides storage upgrades that customers can easily add more storage to their account. Generally, it is $39.99/mo for 500 GB, $64.99/mo for 1 TB and $89.99/mo for 2 TB storage. The one-time discount of the first month price will automatically be applied to the order, regardless of whether which plan customers choose.

BlueHost dedicated server is a good option for customers to start medium & large business on dedicated servers.

One reason we’ll always consider Bluehost for our hosting needs is their fantastic 24/7 support team. They do have a premium team of engineers for their dedicated servers.

Money Back Guarantee:30 days

Disk Space:1 TB

Domain Name:FREE (1 year)

Hosting Plans:www.bluehost.com/dedicated

InMotion dedicated Review

If you’re looking for extremely reliable support and performance-focused resources, you can’t go wrong in choosing InMotion as your web host or server provider.

We have tested the essential dedicated hosting with InMotion for about 90 days. And we have to say that we were happy that we have tried. We haven’t detected any downtime during that period of time.

InMotion has a 30-day money-back guarantee on their dedicated plans, which is fairly rare and just another reason you can’t go wrong selecting them as your dedicated host.

Disk Space:500 GB – 1.2 TB SSD

Domain Name:FREE (1 year)

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