YourLastHost – 1.5GB RAM, 80GB’s HW RAID-10 $4.99/mo in 4 different locations

Founded in early 2016, YourLastHost dearly holds onto the belief of providing the best services through our clients, service, and support. YourLastHost is a registered company in Wyoming. YourLastHost Pooled VPS allow customers to create VPS in any one of three distinct locations.

The deals:

768MB Plan
768 MB RAM
40 GB RAID Storage
1TB Bandwidth
1 x IPv4
$2.99/m or $24.99/yr
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1536MB Plan
1536 MB RAM
80 GB RAID Storage
3TB Bandwidth
1 x IPv4
$4.99/m or $39.99/yr
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How many VPS can I make?

You can make as many VPS as you would like, as long as each VPS has its own IP address assigned to it. In other words, the total number of VPS is the same as the total number of IPs. If you order an additional IP, you will be able to create an additional VPS.